So why is it that we don’t see enough coverage about the dangers of the rhetoric coming from Fox News hosts? I believe it’s a combination of two things: journalists, acting in their own interests, may be protecting the rights of the First Amendment for news organizations and operating under the outdated belief that Fox is still a news organization. As far as I can tell — it’s not. It does not appear as if Fox gathers the news in the interest of the general public. Instead, it seems to create an alternative news ecosystem that pushes a reality that is appealing to a large segment of America.

Does that sound familiar? Yes, it’s like any other entertainment company that uses fiction and fantasy to profit from a huge audience. Worse, it is an entertainment company that creates a grave threat to our democracy and to the lives of all Americans. Fox News does not appear to be interested in science, facts or meaningfully engaging with opposing views — it seems they are only interested in creating a mirage that will keep people watching.