Thankfully, in January, we will have a president in the White House who recognizes that American businesses, manufacturers, and farmers are struggling, and who has a plan to reinvigorate our economy. Born in Pennsylvania, Biden has always been a champion for middle-class families and businesses, which is in large part the reason he won this year’s presidential election, and I’m confident that he will continue to do so come Jan. 20.

One of the first things the president-elect can do to prove that he has the backs of American workers from both his home state and around the country is to end the ongoing trade war and eliminate the devastating 25% tariffs President Trump imposed on about half of China’s exports almost three years ago. It’s no secret that tariffs raise prices for consumers and reduce economic growth, which is the last thing we need amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And while there is never an ideal time to impose tariffs, keeping harmful tariffs in place during these tough times, where businesses are fighting to stay open, is counterproductive to say the least.

President-elect Biden, however, has not yet committed to lifting the tariffs, and recently stated to the New York Times that he won’t immediately remove them once he’s in office.