Biden pointed out that he won the same number of electoral votes that Donald Trump won in 2016.

“At the time, President Trump called his Electoral College tally a landslide. By his own standards, these numbers represented a clear victory then, and I respectfully suggest they do so now,” he said.

Biden condemned the intimidation tactics the president and his supporters used in recent weeks to try to convince state and local officials not to certify Biden’s wins. He praised those officials from across the political spectrum for “demonstrating absolute courage,” adding that “they could not and would not give credence to what they knew was not true.”

“They knew the elections they oversaw were honest and free and fair. They saw it with their own eyes, and they wouldn’t be bullied into saying anything different,” he said. “It was truly remarkable because so many of these patriotic Americans were subjected to so much: enormous political pressure, verbal abuse, and even threats of physical violence.”