As his team began launching legal and public-relations blitzes in several key states and contesting the still-undetermined 2020 presidential election this week, the president has grown impatient with the Department of Justice and its seeming unwillingness to immediately intervene on Team Trump’s behalf, according to two people familiar with his private comments. “Why isn’t [DOJ] on this?” Trump asked, during one of many recent tirades about his baseless claim that the Democrats are somehow stealing the election.

The president and his advisers’ displeasure at the Justice Department—which, to be clear, as part of the federal government is not supposed to be an adjunct of a particular political campaign—is another sign that the upper ranks of Trumpworld are desperately hoping that someone or something, somewhere, will come to their rescue and deliver a second term…

That doesn’t mean the help won’t come eventually. Some Justice Department officials, particularly those who consider Barr little more than a Trumpist enforcer, have long predicted that senior Justice Department leadership would not sit on the sidelines while the Trump campaign contests election counts in court.

“The fact we haven’t seen it yet is not a comfort. Contorted constitutional-legal theories are Barr’s preferred modus operandi,” said a current federal prosecutor on condition of anonymity.