In the 2020 election, we now see that millions of minority voters rejected the idea that their votes should be bound by identity politics, or as Joe Biden put it, that if you don’t vote Democratic, you ain’t black. That remark didn’t come out of nowhere. He was simply saying out loud what many on the left have long believed.

Fact is, Trump made the most direct appeal to non-white voters we’ve seen from a Republican in most of our lifetimes. And it worked.

This is also good news for America, and especially minorities. We now have a GOP that will be eager to maintain these gains, and a Democratic Party that can no longer take minority votes for granted.

And we can now stop believing the color of a person’s skin gives us certainty about their political affiliation — and that in and of itself strikes a blow at racism. It’s exciting: Individuals can be treated as individuals, rather than lumped into political boxes based on their racial group.