Of course, invocations of fraud carry with them a heavy amount of secondary meaning: namely that the Trump campaign is launching a barrage of less-than-longshot legal challenges in an effort to convey an image of strength, fight and tenacity among the MAGA-hatted, Trumpworld faithful–while providing those same adherents nothing more than false hopes of an overturned result in exchange for continued support.

As Law&Crime previously reported, such efforts don’t only yield emotional coping dividends, they’re also a gangbusters way to fundraise off of confused partisans who are being increasingly and falsely convinced they are being robbed by the Democratic Party.

But maybe the mood is so dire that the Trump campaign is seriously convinced of–at least some of–the merits here? That’s a possibility according to one legal expert.

“It seems some Trump loyalists genuinely believe there may be a narrow, albeit unlikely, path to litigate a victory,” Tulane Law Professor and election litigation expert Ross Garber said in an email. “And, in any event, it appears they are litigating in the hopes of getting information (and time) to evaluate whether such a path exists. But it’s hard to see a way forward for them.”