We’ll find out whether Biden wins with as few as 290 electoral votes or as many as 321, but barring proof of massive voter fraud in multiple states, the transition will progress and Biden will peacefully assume power at noon on Jan. 20.

It seems more likely that rather than trying to prevent Biden from becoming president, Trump and his campaign are working to de-legitimize his successor’s administration.

Hillary Clinton and Democrats did this in reverse order four years ago.

Perhaps because she had made so much about Trump’s refusal to say he would abide with the results of the 2016 election, Clinton swiftly conceded to Trump and wished him well. Given the closeness of the results that year she would have been as much or more entitled to bellyache about recounts and rigged elections as Trump is now.

What she did instead, was to spend the next four years saying that Trump was an illegitimate president. Her and many in her party insisted, despite a lack of convincing evidence, that Trump would not have won without the help he received from Russia.