The Georgia races give 2024 GOP aspirants an immediate platform to showcase what they can do for the party. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is expected to make multiple trips to the state, where Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are facing Jan. 5 runoffs. If both lose, Democrats would assume control of the Senate.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott is slated to make his first appearance later this week and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is also likely to travel there. Former UN Ambassodor Nikki Haley issued a pair of tweets over the weekend asking for help in Georgia. Donald Trump Jr. also took to his social media account to highlight the runoffs, and a spokesman for the younger Trump said to “expect him to be very involved.”

“It’ll be like Iowa during the straw poll era. A modern-day Ames in the Peach State,” said Georgia-based Republican strategist Chip Lake, referring to the contest that’s been a rite-of-passage for presidential hopefuls ahead of the Iowa caucuses.