The IXNAY sigil, which Bugbee can be seen spray-painting in his Instagram video, is meant to represent protection and momentum for anti-Trump forces, along with the undertow of change that will topple those currently in power and elevate those being held down.

“This sigil is meant to unify and focus occultists and those interested in magic on goals,” explains Bugbee. “The goals we set when we created the sigil were, in a broad way, to smash the authoritarian vibe that’s happening across the globe and, in a direct way, to remove Trump from office.”

The IXNAY sigil was intended to be used discreetly by practitioners of witchcraft, but its power combined with Trump’s arrogance conspired in pushing the PAC to publicize their efforts. According to IXNAY, and evident from Lux’s Instagram, the sigil was first put into use five days before Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. The full video of this first ritual performed by Lux captures her lighting candles around the symbol, burning incense, and wielding a dagger “to lead the unseen forces,” as she says. Following Trump’s announcement, IXNAY was reconsidering taking credit for this bit of political magic, but news of a stunt that the president had proposed—pretending to appear frail, then opening his dress shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt beneath—pushed them onward.