Now, it really is “morning in America.” We have a President and Vice President who will comport themselves with dignity, humility and decency. We saw that on Saturday night. They have a huge task, of course: Making millions of Americans who didn’t support them feel seen, heard and cared about. They must help them understand that the changing demographics of our country aren’t something to fear, but to celebrate. And job number one is to lead the country out of an out-of-control pandemic that is leaving families grieving over the lives and livelihoods lost.

I’m an optimist, but I’m not cock-eyed. As my friend, historian Jon Meacham says, disagreement is the oxygen of democracy. I’m just looking forward to, as Joe Biden said, lowering the temperature of our national thermostat and seeing each other as human beings, not bumper stickers or lawn signs. Perhaps then we can get back to work and start making progress on some enormous problems that won’t just go away on their own. I wanted Donald Trump to succeed and I gave him a chance. For all those who voted for him, please do the same for the incoming Administration. I’m excited to do my part. Are you?