You don’t want to support President Trump? I certainly don’t blame you for standing on your principles. He does have an exhausting penchant for saying the wrong things. On the coronavirus, to be sure, the president’s rhetoric, understating the seriousness of the pandemic and the imperative to take sensible precautions, has frequently been harmful and unbecoming. But it is absurd for Democrats to blame him for the more than 200,000 COVID-19 deaths while ignoring his restrictions on international travel (which they initially condemned as xenophobic) and the vigor with which the administration ramped up production of medical equipment and development of therapeutics and, possibly, a vaccine. There is no reason to believe Biden would have done better (especially after the Obama administration’s swine-flu foibles). And I won’t argue with you, because I agree, about Trump’s maddening insouciance on runaway entitlements and the metastasizing crisis of debt. I concur that the tariffs and trade wars are counterproductive. I’m frustrated by his lack of discipline and inattentiveness to detail in, for example, failing to formulate a market-oriented replacement for Obamacare — and thus handing Biden and Democrats their best campaign issue.

But to make the election all about Trump is to ape the president’s signature self-absorption. It is not a matter of liking or despising Trump. It is a choice between Trump and what the Biden-Harris Democrats would do to the country. It is not a choice that any of us can avoid. So, I’m making it: I’m for Trump.