But Trump was great. I loved that he asked Biden: “Who built the cages, Joe?” And when Biden would not respond, I love that Trump asked it again: “Who built the cages, Joe?” And a third time. And when Biden just would not respond, I loved that Trump asked the moderator to ask Biden who built the cages.

Of course she was not going to put Biden on the spot. Like all the “moderators,” she is a leftist Democrat. But Trump got the point in. As he did, again and again, reminding viewers that Biden had 47 years in Washington to perform the initiatives he now says he will undertake. And Trump likewise pounded in, again and again, that Biden was just recently Vice President for eight years. Just very recently. Indeed, not only did Biden fail to do any of the things he now promises to do, but Trump even brought home that he sought the presidency in 2016 out of disgust over Biden’s failures.

Trump got in that Biden failed on H1N1, a much less devastating illness. He got in that, on the issue of taxes, he may have paid $750 in the last phase of tax filing because he previously had paid tens of millions of dollars in advance tax payments. Americans can understand that; we just had not heard it before. As Biden went after Trump on Putin and on whether Trump profits from hotels in China, the door was opened for Trump to get into the Biden Family Criminal Enterprise: the son and siblings who all have profited in the many millions by leveraging their Biden Family Enterprise connections to extort millions implicitly from China and Russia and Ukraine. He had Biden lying all over the place — denying they had made millions from the wife of the Moscow mayor, from China, and even from Burisma. I listened carefully as Biden denied that he benefited corruptly from Burisma, but did not deny as explicitly that Hunter did. Trump even got Biden to lie about his oft-repeated pledge to kill hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).