Mike Lindell

Steven Novella wrote about Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, back in September. Oleandrin is a chemical extracted from the oleander plant. It, like thousands of other chemical derived from natural sources, has been isolated, purified, and studied for possible medicinal value. An in-vitro (laboratory) test of oleandrin found that it may have anti-viral properties. This is promising, but that’s as far as the evidence goes. There is no in-vivo (in human) trials to show that oleandrin is safe or effective as a treatment. David Juurlink, a physician and toxicologist noted that the presumed effective concentration is well within the toxic range for humans. Oleandrin causes nausea and vomiting, and then, arrhythmias and sometimes death. Oleandrin received more attention that it deserved through Lindell’s promotion of the chemical to the Trump administration. The FDA put a stop to this and rejected an application to treat oleandrin as a dietary supplement, because it considers the chemical to meet the definition of a drug. We shouldn’t see any oleandrin products anytime soon, considering its toxicity and lack of effectiveness. Juurlink noted,

“No one should take oleandrin to prevent COVID…Anyone gullible and foolish enough to take it despite this advice should get their affairs in order beforehand.”