Perhaps it will turn out that that the laptop really is part of a Russian disinformation operation. Ratcliffe, a Trump ally, says it’s not. For its part, the FBI hasn’t contradicted him, although in a lawyerly and carefully crafted statement.

There’s no reason to take the leap, though, and treat it as gospel truth that Russia is pulling the strings. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, who has spent four solid years jumping to conclusions on Russia, told CNN that “we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.”

How does he know? Schiff isn’t telling. The Biden camp has yet to say the emails from the laptop are fakes. Its response to an email alleging that Hunter Biden set up a meeting between a Ukrainian businessman and his father, Joe Biden, was to check the then-vice president’s schedule and say no such meeting had taken place, at least not formally…

We should have a little national self-confidence. The phenomenon of the families of powerful politicians trying to benefit from their connections isn’t a Russian fabrication—it’s as American as apple pie.