“The dead arrived in force—50 or 60 a day—they didn’t stop coming for two months,” a cemetery manager told The Observer newspaper. “It was horrendous. And now infections are rising again. Young people are infecting older people, and so soon the dead will start arriving again.”

A deja vu of sorts is setting in.

Compared with other nations like Spain, France and the United Kingdom—which on Tuesday reported 10,799, 10,088 and 4,926 cases, respectively—Italy had been managing the outbreak.

But by Wednesday, infections in the Lombardy region—which experienced the brunt of cases in the first wave in which some 37,000 Italians died—have more than doubled. More than 4,100 cases were reported in a single day, with over1,800 of those cases were in Milan, the economic hub of the region.