“How can you call yourself a pro-life president if you refuse to be completely forthcoming about the ways most lives can be protected?” she said. “The pandemic has really shone a giant spotlight on the hypocrisy of a lot of people who have fallen into that pro-life camp.”…

“He’s lost pieces of so many different groups that it matters,” Jackson said. “There’s not one large group that’s turned against Trump. It’s pieces of different groups. It’s pieces of White women, it’s pieces of older Americans.”

Sarah Longwell, a Republican strategist who frequently holds focus groups with undecided women in swing states, says that anti-abortion voters have cited a number of reasons why they will not back the president this year.

Some women cite Trump’s criticism of protesters speaking out against police violence and racial injustice this summer. Others point to the president’s immigration policies, including the notorious stance of separating families at the southern border, which sparked national headlines in 2018 and is back in the news.