He undercuts the values on which the success of the pro-life position ultimately depends: compassion, respect for others, valuing all human life, and the Golden Rule of do-unto-others. If we lose these values, then the pro-life movement loses. It’s as simple as that. Abandon these principles and you abandon the long-run objective.

To embrace Trump is to embrace the opposite of the values the pro-life cause needs to succeed. And because of that, embracing Trump discredits the pro-life message. Nothing persuades negatively quite like the demonstration of hypocrisy…

From where I sit, Joe Biden will be a pro-life policy setback. But, unlike Trump, he is not a threat to the system that might one day produce a pro-life society.

If Biden is president, we will have a functioning system within which to contest policies and proposals with which we disagree emphatically. If Trump is reelected, there is a risk that we might cease to have effective, operable checks on abuses of power and abusive policies.