They are all nervous because of what they are about to discuss. They haven’t really talked about it in such a public way.

“I wasn’t ready to say to anybody, even my own husband, I’m not voting for him again. But I, I obviously am saying that now,” Geitner said.

“My husband and his whole family are Trump supporters. So, I’m kind of in the minority,” Brady said…

“I got it wrong. And it hurts my heart. I mean, it truly hurts my heart,” said Joan Smeltzer, Brady’s sister. “I feel like I’ve been duped. I really do. I wanted to believe that he was better than he is.”

“I think I liked the idea that he was a little hardcore. He wasn’t going to put up with anybody’s nonsense. I felt like he would never let anyone walk all over us,” recalls Brady. Now four years later she describes the President in very different terms. “I think he’s a bully,” she says. “He represents everything that I don’t want my children to grow up to be.”