The left relied on the credulous saps of the center-right to keep believing, and to keep lecturing us, about how everything was wonderful and how those of us paying attention and noticing that the left was working to marginalize and disenfranchise us in our own country were the real problem. But the real problem is the corruption and lies themselves, not the fact that we conservatives see the corruption and lies and call them out.

It was a way to shut us up, to try to shame us into silence. But it’s no longer working. Some of the worst of the allegedly conservative liberal water-carriers went full Never Trump. First, they admired the emperor’s new clothes, and then, when it became undeniable the king was going commando, they didn’t skip a step in going right to admiring his junk.

But it’s the ones who wanted everything to be peachy, who did not want to accept the existential conflict we are in, the ones who for so long wanted to believe that the real problem was that sometimes Donald Trump tweets mean things, who changed. When the Facetwitt simply refused to allow news of the Biden Family Joesta Nostra to be spread, it finally got through to them. The other side is serious about making us into serfs. And we have got to wake up and get woke to the fact that its not whether we get into the fight of our lives, but only whether or not we will fight back.