That Joe Biden says movingly loving things to his poor, demon-haunted son is beyond doubt. The question is whether Joe Biden ever had the decency and yes, the love, to say, “Stop trading on my name.” Or was he out of bandwidth?

Donald Trump and his political henchmen have not made the most effective use of these documents and this story. And Trump is not particularly well positioned to do so, given the jobs, advantages, and positions of authority he has given to his own children and in-laws. But make no mistake, it was precisely the Biden combination of policy incompetence, cronyism, nepotism, and personal enrichment that destroyed Hilary Clinton’s bid for the presidency in 2016.

Your brother was told to “retrain in computers,” when a trade deal she favored destroyed his industry; she got to be on Walmart’s corporate board. She gets a million bucks to speak to Goldman Sachs, because they expected her to be president. Your town got an opioid epidemic. She got everything handed to her. Everything you worked for can be taken away in an instant. And she had the nerve to call you “deplorable.”