And Ocasio-Cortez has referred to the president without his title, just as “Trump,” virtually too many times to count.

Does the congresswoman consider herself in need of remedial lessons in “basic respect 101″? Is she a sexist for stripping Sen. Kamala Harris and Clinton, the former secretary of state, of their titles? Of course not. But that’s the absurd claim Ocasio-Cortez is making.

There’s also something inherently condescending and reductive about Ocasio-Cortez’s complaints. She claims to be advocating on behalf of women and speaking out against sexism. But in reality, the view Ocasio-Cortez is espousing suggests that women in politics can’t handle being referred to in the same manner as their male colleagues. She’s essentially using woke vernacular to say that female politicians are particularly delicate and fragile.

That’s not just a wrong belief — some might even call the congresswoman’s complaint sexist.