When I met up with Joe this year, however, I was interested to find that, like me, he’s “all in” for Donald Trump. No longer reluctant in his support, Joe Schmuckler is suggestive of two things: the significant number of Republicans whose support for Trump has moved from tepid to enthusiastic and a growing wave of intensity in overall support for Trump.

“I missed it,” Schmuckler told me, referring to 2016. “It wasn’t until after he was president that I fully understood the power of Donald Trump’s message.” He could have said WE missed it…

Andy Warren is a former county commissioner of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one of the collar counties wrapped around Philadelphia. With more than 625,000 residents, it’s larger than Wyoming or Vermont. It’s the ultimate purple area with a diverse population. Warren knows it well. He was county commissioner there for 16 years.

In those days, he was a moderate Republican. When 2016 rolled around, Trump was No. 17 of the 17 major Republican presidential candidates on Warren’s dance card. Not this year. “I’m 1,000% in support of Donald Trump,” Warren told me recently. “Even when I was running myself, I didn’t feel as strongly as I feel about this election.”