“You know, Ana, this is like every single one of these campaign events for President Trump,” said Nobles. “There is little to almost no regard for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. There are thousands and thousands of people here. They are packed in shoulder to shoulder. There are hardly any masks being worn.”

“You’re right to make note of the fact that all of the people sitting behind Trump are wearing masks,” he continued. “They’re basically the only ones, aside from those of us on the press riser, wearing masks and that’s a strategic ploy for the most part that’s put on by the Trump campaign. They hand out those masks, they ask the people sitting behind the president to wear them. It does not reflect the rest of the crowd. So it shows that the campaign realizes that there’s a problem in terms of the optics of these crows taking place.”

“It’s like they’re trying to have it both ways,” replied Cabrera.