ALBERTA: Danny, Terry and Beth, give me a five-word answer here. Do you believe if we have record-breaking turnout in November, that Trump can win?

HANSEN: No. I don’t need five words. No.

SULLIVAN: No. Just no.

DIAZ: I believe if there’s record turnout, Trump can still win because of the power of the Electoral College. There’s still a pathway for him and it’s the pathway that I’ve been talking about forever. Hold the Sun Belt: North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Arizona. Then, play in the Rust Belt and upper Midwest, [where he would only need to win one of these to reach 270]: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

SULLIVAN: It’s all Florida. Trump has been consistently losing outside the margin of error in Florida since April. That’s a fundamental, existential threat to his reelection.

DIAZ: Just like Pennsylvania is an existential threat for Biden.

SULLIVAN: Yeah, but Biden could lose Pennsylvania—if my math is right—Biden could lose Pennsylvania and win Florida and still win.