Democrats don’t share my values and they sure don’t care about people like me. People like me don’t want our tax dollars to pay for free comprehensive healthcare for immigrants who snuck into the country and are living here illegally.

Bernie Sanders wants to give convicted felons who are still locked up in prison the right to vote. If Bernie wants it, Joe will want it too. The puppeteer calls the shots, not the puppet.

As for free speech, it will be in serious jeopardy if Democrats win in November, especially if they make a clean sweep and take the Senate and keep control of the House. So-called hate speech could become a crime. And they’ll decide what’s hateful and what isn’t.

If Biden and his progressive puppet masters take over, the cancel culture will be in full bloom. You think it’s bad now? Just wait!

And if Biden wins and Democrats take over the Senate, there’s at least a 50-50 chance they’ll blow up the filibuster, which means all they’ll need is a simple majority to pass whatever they want. And that’ll include making Puerto Rico a state, packing the Supreme Court with liberal Justices, passing some version of a budget busting Green New Deal and who knows what else that’s on the progressive wish list.