There are two things I believe at once. First, there is nothing about the policies of either the Biden/Harris ticket or the Trump administration that will end America. Bad policy can damage a nation, certainly. The Trump administration’s multiple failures in responding to coronavirus have done great harm. But history has demonstrated that America can absorb dreadful political mistakes, recover, and emerge stronger from the trial.

Second, however, it is absolutely true that hate, fear, dishonesty, and corruption can represent an existential threat to our continued existence as a united republic. Flight 93-ism itself presents a danger. As I outlined in a recent Dispatch Podcast, there is an easily foreseeable potential constitutional crisis that could strain this nation to the breaking point—suppose that Trump again loses the popular vote yet narrowly wins an Electoral College majority while potentially hundreds of thousands (if not millions)of mail-in ballots are disqualified.

There would be enormous pressure on multiple blue-state governors to reject the results and resist federal authority. As I said in the podcast, this danger is so plain that it’s like we’re on the deck of the Titanic yelling, “Iceberg, iceberg, iceberg!” and no one is listening.

I’m not the only one concerned that the chief threat to America doesn’t come from a foreign foe or a policy proposal, but rather through our deep polarization.