As a family member, who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans, recently said to me about Rice, “I just feel like she would know what to do when she gets in there because she has been there before. And right now, we need that.”

And government experience matters — now more than ever before. The team that would surround Biden, should he win the election, would be dealing with a recession, a global pandemic and the rebuilding of an institutional infrastructure that has been decimated by the Trump administration.

Though I had met Rice before she began her tenure in the White House, I first really saw her in action when she was the US Ambassador to the United Nations (2009 to 2013) and later the National Security Adviser (2013 to 2017). And what I observed was a leader with the guts and the experience to step into the role of commander in chief. During her tenure in the Obama administration, I saw her stand up to older white men who served in cabinet roles and senior White House roles — and witnessed her speak on behalf of more junior staff during meetings with the President of the United States.