It has become painfully obvious that in Joe Biden’s heart, he harbors a deep distaste for Black people. He no longer possesses the ability to self-censor and the problem is exacerbated by the fact that he is now required to be on the spot — alone — more and more each day. What ideas are left for him to grasp are those that have been so innate to him that they are now muscle memory, and unfortunately those ideas are clearly related to a disdain for Black America.

If I’m reading the patterns, I can easily surmise that Biden thinks most Black men are foul, uneducated, and “wiseguys” (a word he uses a lot for people who annoy him). He thinks all Black people are the same and think the same and want to hear the same thing. He thinks Democrats have a right to the Black vote by virtue of not being Republicans. He thinks of Black constituents as 100% poverty-stricken and in need of Democrat charity. He is offended by the notion that any Black man would intellectually challenge him in public.