And it’s this California that also produces a reaction against itself. Those who can no longer afford the cost of living are abandoning California for Texas, Colorado, Arizona, even New York. The Claremont Institute, the conservative think tank that is most pro-Trump, is in Upland, Calif. Our own Victor Davis Hanson is a California man. His book, Mexifornia: A State of Becoming, warned that Mexicans fleeing one dysfunctional state were recreating it in California. Now, Arizonans and Texans might say the same of California itself. Other dissident anti–mass-immigration voices, such as Steve Sailer and Mickey Kaus, are also Californians.

But as a Democrat attorney general in a state largely controlled by Democrats, Kamala Harris had no taste for going after political corruption. When potentially criminal negligence on the part of the state transportation agency, Caltrans, caused whistleblowers to sound the alarm over an over-budget and unsafe bridge extension, the scandal inspired no investigation from the supposedly tough law-and-order attorney general. But, of course, why would Kamala Harris look deeply into political favoritism and corruption in California? Her career took off when her married boyfriend, San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, got her two separate jobs, one of which paid $99,000 per year for attending two meetings a month. “Whether you agree or disagree with the system, I did the work,” she later explained. “I mean, if you were asked to be on a board that regulated medical care, would you say, no?” I guess if there are a hundred grand on the table, I’d also be willing to attend two meetings a month, maybe even more.

Harris has always had an eye for where the main chance was, and the deepest pockets.