At issue is Macgregor’s claim that a group of powerful Jews are pushing the United States to support Israel unconditionally and in a manner that is detrimental to the United States. “They operate in a variety of settings in the government and in the media, and they support or advocate, for all intents and purposes, unconditional support for whatever the Israeli government wants to do. They are no means the majority and they are by no means representative of what I would call Americans who happen to be Jewish,” Macgregor told the Daily Bell website in 2012.

American Jewish groups are also raising questions about Macgregor’s 2018 statement suggesting that Germany’s atonement for the Holocaust is overkill.

“There’s sort of a sick mentality that says that generations after generations must atone sins of what happened in 13 years of German history and ignore the other 1,500 years of Germany,” Macgregor said in a 2018 interview. “And Germany played a critical role in central Europe in terms of defending and preserving Western civilization. So I think that’s, that’s the problem.”