New York City has faced many crises before, and we’ve always recovered. But in the past, we’ve had a champion, a booster, a leader who unites us and gives us hope for a better future. Today, we are looking for that leader. This is true for those considering leaving the city, of course, but it goes double for those who call the city home and have never considered it merely a stop along the way.

Last week, an article referenced the stakes of this leadership vacuum — namely that New York’s declining tax base, heavily reliant on its wealthiest residents, underwrites infrastructure and social services on which all of us rely.

The response from the office of the mayor? Literally: “Kick rocks, billionaires.” Wait, what? I was stunned.

This mentality, paired with an incoherent strategy and lack of an affirmative vision for helping New Yorkers coping with economic disaster, is terrifying.