There is a weird self-fulfilling quality to these fever dreams among Democrats. Democrats should know how they win and lose by now. Nancy Pelosi knows that Democrats win swing districts mostly by ignoring Trump and talking about protecting Obamacare and Social Security from Republican cuts. Democrats lose by talking about Trump supporters or sympathizers as “deplorables” who ought to be purged from their own country. In other words, Democrats win just by acting like a normal center-Left political party. And Biden is precisely the nominee you’d want for that.

If he were out on the hustings. But instead of Biden talking day in and day out about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and how important teachers are, there is a vacuum. The media chattering class has been filling the void with talk about constitutional change, ending the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, having Facebook act as a political censor for their causes, and otherwise rewriting the system to make sure Republicans don’t have power again.

Again, for the record, I absolutely am not wincing or flashing Morse code when I say for the record that I’m sure all of this is uncoordinated. This is just how Democrats talk. They always have trouble losing elections. And they always prepare themselves for some conspiracy led by Diebold. Or a Florida governor will “steal” the election for Romney. That’s just how progressive wonks think about our Constitution when left to their own devices. And that over there is just how the former director of the CIA, John Brennan, tweets. I’m not a psychoanalyst, but somehow, it seems progressives have convinced themselves that 2016 and the past four years have been so abnormal that winning a normal election just isn’t cathartic enough.