You know what is not healthy for our students, though? The social and emotional isolation that goes into being kept away from schools. All humans need to be engaged on a social and emotional level, but in the developmental years of our lives — when we’re in school — it is so important that they make these human connections and learn how to properly interact with the people around them. They need to have these connections in their daily lives and cannot survive on screen time with their peers alone.

I want to return to my classroom. I want to teach my students, virus be damned. I want to ensure that they not only get the best education I can provide them, but also make sure that they are growing in the ways they need to be. That is not something we can ensure in a virtual environment, and there is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that they literally may not survive without the social interactions they get at school.

Whether it’s full face-to-face learning with every student present or a hybrid model where I will see students every other day, I am fully on board with returning to my school and helping them succeed. That should be the goal of every teacher, and there is no reason to keep us from doing that in person.