In eight polls conducted earlier this year, Trump led Biden on the question by an average of 6 points. That gap narrowed in June and July as coronavirus cases continued to mount and independents grew 10 points more likely to favor Biden on the question, from 30 percent in May to 40 percent in the latest survey. Thirty-four percent of independents said they trust Trump more to handle the economy, down 9 points since June.

But Trump holds an advantage over Biden in the election when it comes to voters who prioritize the economy: He leads the former vice president with that group by 12 points, 49 percent to 37 percent, according to Morning Consult’s latest weekly tracking of the 2020 contest, while trailing Biden by 7 points, 40 percent to 47 percent, among the broader sample of 31,310 registered voters. The poll was conducted July 13-19 and has a 1-point margin of error.