During a June 24 call with supporters, Hegar accused the Trump administration of “terrorizing people,” calling its attempts to deter illegal immigration a “human rights violation.”

“When we are committing human rights violations on our southern border, not only is it immoral, but it’s also impacting our ability to have influence globally,” Hegar said. “We cannot lecture China on their treatment of the Uyghurs. … We cannot start looking like the countries and the governments that we are supposed to be the opposite of.”

Hegar’s June comments came just two weeks before the Treasury Department announced sanctions against four Chinese Communist Party officials for human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims. They also came as the establishment-backed candidate faced a closer than expected run-off race against state legislator Royce West. Hegar won the nomination on Tuesday by 4 points despite spending more than three times as much as her progressive opponent.