The Biden campaign, along with the party committee and affiliated committees raised $141 million in June, its biggest month by far, according to figures released Wednesday night.

In comparison, the Trump 2020 reelection campaign, the Republican National Committee and affiliated committees raised $131 million, the RNC said Wednesday — also a striking amount.

That means Biden outraised Trump for the second month in a row. Biden’s reported quarterly haul of $282.1 million also exceeded the $266 million reported by Trump’s reelection effort.

Both campaigns’ fundraising vastly exceeds the amount of money raised in a corresponding stretch by President Barack Obama, who drew $71.1 million in June 2012, according to federal filings.

The exploding contributions reflect the unusual intensity and visceral passions generated by this campaign, as Trump’s die-hard supporters face off against those who want desperately to unseat him.