Back in Florida, the latest RCP poll average shows Biden leading the president but also tied within the margin of error.

That is terrible news for the GOP since in 2016, Trump won his adopted home state, even though it was by a thin 1.2-percentage-point margin. Furthermore, in the 2018 midterm elections, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis (supported by and channeling Trump) won his gubernatorial race with a 0.4-percentage-point margin. Likewise, then-GOP Gov. Rick Scott defeated longtime Sen. Bill Nelson by the slimmest 0.2-percentage-point victory.

In a November 2018 RealClearPolitics piece, I chronicled how Florida’s midterm results and exit polls indicated that Team Trump in 2020 would have a tougher time winning the state’s 29 electoral votes.

So how goes this brutal, high-stakes battle for Florida? As a resident Republican, I offered up some questions to a state GOP official who spoke on condition of anonymity.