In the days after George Floyd’s tragic death, protests erupted in over 350 American cities, the National Guard was deployed to 23 states, and more than 14 metro areas implemented curfews. For more than two weeks, protesters have taken to the streets, sometimes several times per day, demanding justice for Floyd’s family, police defunding, and a comprehensive reimagination of public safety. But as the civil unrest played out in public, it has also migrated into the workplace.

In the past 15 days, workers at media institutions, sports franchises, TV shows and food chains, as well as online critics, have forced companies and corporations to confront charges of racism, overhaul their hiring practices, and interrogate how places from The New York Times and CrossFit to the grocery store Holy Land might find ways for reform. More than once, this has led to oustings and resignations.

Here are all of them so far. (This story will be updated as more developments follow.)