“I am not saying we don’t have black thugs and gangsters,” West said. “I am talking about the best of our tradition. Because brother, brother, brother, if we have created a black version of the Ku Klux Klan, there would have been a Civil War every generation. It would tear ourselves in every hood and that is what Brother Trump needs to understand because it looks like he’s trying to push us to a race war.”

“But the good news is, if there was a race war, we have got a whole lot of white brothers and sisters on our side now. That makes a big difference and we’ve got black folk and red folk and indigenous people and Asians and so forth,” he said.

“We’ve got a love that the world can’t take away,” West told Cooper. “White supremacy may make being black a crime, but we refuse to get in the gutter. We’re doing it for the whole world, because that’s the only hope of the world. And that kind of love is always tragiciomic and cruciform. You got to get ready to get crucified with that kind of love and you have to keep dishing it out generation after generation after generation. The Floyd family lifted up that spiritual, moral banner in the midst of a moment in which we’ve got all these lies and crimes, be it the Pentagon or Wall Street or the White House, or even Congress itself—we know they don’t represent the best of this country.”