The parallel to “wokeness” is exact. The left’s standard for politically correct thinking is a series of artificial tests that are so arbitrary and unpredictable that one cannot always figure out ahead of time how to respond to them. Say a female artist creates a shirt adorned with busty female sci-fi warrior women. Is this an exercise in “female empowerment” or a perpetuation of the patriarchy? I’m afraid you can’t know the answer until the woke Twitter mob decides.

The #MAGA mob has its own groupthink, but unlike the woke set, it has a single final arbiter: Donald Trump.

The artificial test, in this case, is hydroxychloroquine, a repurposed malaria drug that Trump has fixated on as a miracle cure for COVID-19. Whether HCQ is a safe and effective treatment for coronavirus is an open question that is in the process of being settled by clinical trials and scientific evidence.

But it has also been seized upon as a test of one’s #MAGAness.