The political divide among the public is stark. According to a CBS News/YouGov poll released Thursday, 88% of Democrats believe the top priority of America is to “stay home, slow virus spread.” Only 12% said the top priority should be “back to work, get economy going.” Sixty-two percent of Republicans, on the other hand, favored getting the economy going as the top priority, while 38% felt staying at home is the top priority. Put another way, the net difference between Democrats and Republicans on what the top priority of the country should be is 50 percentage points.

Not surprisingly, these partisan differences show up when voters are asked about the re-opening of specific places and institutions. In a survey released earlier this week from The Economist/YouGov, Republicans were roughly four times more supportive than Democrats of “definitely” re-opening parks and schools, five times more in favor of re-opening restaurants and beaches, and nearly seven times more in favor of re-opening churches.