Italian politicians threatened to reinstate restrictions on people’s movements and announced plans to recruit 60,000 unemployed volunteers to help oversee social distancing, after thousands of Italians celebrated the end of the country’s lockdown by going out for a drink.

Many Italians hit beaches, parks and bars over the weekend, sometimes flouting distancing rules and requirements to wear face masks when near other people.

The return of crowds to places that have been deserted for most of the spring sparked an angry reaction from some politicians, who warned that Italy’s progress in containing the coronavirus could reverse if people relaxed the restriction rules too much.

The governor of the northeastern Veneto region tweeted a video showing young people greeting each other with kisses on the cheek. “It doesn’t take much to make everything shut down again,” the video said, cutting to footage of Covid-19 patients in the hospital. The mayor of Milan said he doesn’t have enough police officers to enforce the rules. The mayor of Brescia, one of the hardest-hit Italian cities, announced a 9:30 p.m. weekend curfew on bars from now on.