He pointed to the economic numbers prior to the pandemic, and Cuban said Trump “deserves a lot of credit for that.” But:

“He can’t be blaming the victim all the — you know, Sean, this is what really bothers me about the president. He’s the most powerful man in the world and he always plays the victim card. ‘The Dems are out to get me, the media is out to get me.’ You’ve got to be the leader, you’ve got to be the strongest man in the game and he just hasn’t shown that strength.”

“They spied on the guy!” Hannity retorted. “They spied on a candidate, his transition team, they spied on his presidency. Those are Bill Barr’s words, not Sean hannity.

“Who cares?” Cuban asked. “He’s the most powerful man in the world. Be powerful, be a leader, set an example… He’s supposed to be the world’s best counterpunch, he hasn’t been able to knock anybody out, he just plays the victim. Look, I love the way you stand up, all this people that call him out, that’s a great thing, Sean, but the man has got to be a leader and he hasn’t shown that yet.”