It was perfectly “progressive Democrat” of Pelosi to want us to share her pain when she was causing pain to millions of small business owners, their employees, and families.

While many Americans were gathered around their Easter tables praying and wondering what they would do without income or a job, Pelosi was blocking small business support and wondering what she would have done without ice cream. By the way, you, too, can get the ice cream she was bragging about having delivered – five pints for $58 before tax.

The Marie Antoinette parallel is a little eerie. You may be pinching pennies and eating peanut butter and crackers, but her highness, the princess of San Francisco, is smothering her anxieties with $11.60-a-pint ice cream while making you go bankrupt.

James Woods tweeted: “Her two refrigerators cost together $24,000 for her specialty chocolate ice creams, but she hates the small business owners of America. Let them eat cake.”