The things that mattered in Iowa — excitement, organization, money spent on TV ads, crowd sizes for town hall meetings — had next to no bearing on who eventually won the Democratic presidential nomination.

Mr. Biden, with Bernie Sanders dropping out yesterday, will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee against President Trump this fall. He never had the most money, never had the biggest crowds and never had much buzz…

So what was the point of all of those pork tenderloins and Ferris wheel rides? Iowa did cull the field a little bit. Onetime top-tier candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris dropped out when their message failed to resonate with Iowans. We learned that Mr. Sanders wouldn’t change his ways to broaden his appeal beyond his liberal base. And we learned from Mr. Biden that there would be no malarkey on his 2020 campaign.

Turns out, while the Democratic Party has shifted left on policy over the last 12 years, how to win the presidential nomination hasn’t changed all that much. Next time around, we’ll find out if candidates and the reporters who follow them spend more of their time focused on the voting bloc that can best power them to the White House.