To normal people, Fauci’s forthrightness has been a blessing. To the alt-universe conspiracists, his frankness is an affront to their troll king.

And they have other grievances, too.

For example, Fauci is guilty of covering his face with his hand to stop from openly laughing when Trump called Mike Pompeo secretary of the “Deep State Department” during a White House briefing on the global pandemic that was soon to kill more Americans than 9/11.

Also, he once sent an email to a staffer for Hillary Clinton in 2013 remarking on her stamina during the 11 hours of Benghazi hearings. Which made him, obviously, a “Deep-State ­Hillary Clinton-loving stooge.”

Naturally, an online campaign accusing Fauci of actively opposing President Trump has been underway for weeks, with #FauciFraud fueled by people like Tim Fitton of Judicial Watch and the legendary Bill Mitchell.