As employers in the U.S. scramble to adapt their businesses to survive in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than eight in 10 American workers are very (37%) or somewhat (45%) confident they will be able to successfully continue to meet their job requirements should the outbreak continue. A slim 53% majority of workers agree that they are well prepared to do their jobs.

Relatively few Americans (11%) who are employed full or part time report that their employers have cut jobs, reduced hours or frozen hiring as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and 60% say their personal financial situation has not been impacted yet.

But even in the early days of this crisis, some workers have already been negatively impacted. About one-third (34%) of those whose employers have made cutbacks say they have personally been affected by them. Even more of these employees, 41%, have had their personal financial situation impacted in a major (18%) or minor way (23%). Low-income households have been hit the hardest by such cutbacks as 20% of U.S. workers with annual household incomes under $36,000 say their employers have implemented them — about twice the rate for employees in higher earning brackets.