At its core the President’s trial — our country’s trial — comes down to this question: will we have the rule of men or the rule of law? Those Senators who accepted the argument that the President can do anything he chooses as long as it helps his re-election, as his defense team argued, support the former. Those who choose to hold him accountable because of, in Mitt Romney’s words, “an appalling abuse of the public trust”, support the latter.

By a 52–48 vote, our country, through our representatives in the Senate, chose the rule of men.

Only some men, to be sure. Those powerful enough, shameless enough, enabled enough, to live above the law.

This past Saturday I saw a photo of white men in camouflage, tactical gear and face masks, armed with military-style assault weapons in the Capitol Building in Frankfort, Kentucky. It was chilling to witness this defilement of democracy by armed thugs who sought to intimidate lawmakers and the citizens they represent.