“I went out of my way for Lindsey,” Biden said, “and Lindsey recorded things that were so — about what a wonderful guy I am. But when I watched how Lindsey responded under pressure to John McCain, our mutual friend — John and I went at each other hammer and tong, but at his deathbed he asked me to do his eulogy. We were friends. He was honorable, he was decent. It just stunned me that [Graham] did not respond to the attacks on John that were made by this president so viciously.”

He added that he’s “disappointed.”

Todd then asked, “Have you thought about the fact that the president is campaigning against you and your son might have been effective? That it might have cost you Iowa, might have cost you New Hampshire? Has that crossed your mind?”

“It has,” Biden said, “but, you know, I can’t focus on that, Chuck. I’ve got to focus on the future.”