In the post-Trump era, declaring oneself “pro-life” will no longer suffice. Wannabe presidents and GOP congressional candidates must now prove it.

“Every year, I’ve listened to Republicans tell us how pro-life they are. But a couple of years ago, when they had the House and the Senate and the presidency, we didn’t defund Planned Parenthood,” said Lance Lohr, a resident of Lancaster County, Pa., who attended his 10th March for Life on Friday.

“I go by people’s actions,” he continued, “and in Trump’s case I believe he is pro-life because of what he’s done.”…

“I don’t know enough about Trump to know what his stance was prior to his presidency. Even now, I don’t really care what he feels. I care what he’s doing,” said Nicole Burnshaw of Glen Mills, Pa., who attended this year’s March for Life with her nine children.